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To Marissa on her Wedding Day


Dear Marissa,

I can’t believe this day is finally here. A year and a half process of planning (or having mom plan) that we will all get to see and celebrate today. I’ve always been an introvert so writing a letter versus reading it out loud seemed only fitting for this very special occasion. We’ve had our ups and downs through this life so far but there’s no one I’d rather have by my side than you. Even when you were stealing my clothes in high school (don’t worry i’ve forgiven you now), our stupid sister fights that would have Stan running down the hallway, or our opposite personalities you have always been my best friend. I think sisters are supposed to fight when they are young so they learn to appreciate each other when they are older.

I was looking through old photo albums this morning and it’s crazy to think that you’re finally getting married. Not only married, but married to someone who completes you in every way possible. I’m in the Wedding Industry and I see the fairy tale side of things. That one special day people experience that makes the world think life is perfect for that couple. But I know the two of you and I know your love is real and will surpass all the hardships that will come in life. You’ve had ups and downs, great times and times of sorrow. You’ve laughed together you’ve cried together but have remained by one another’s side through it all. That is what real love is.

You have always been the intellectual while I have been the partier. You’ve had the outgoing personality to meet new people where as I am a homebody and introvert. You wanted to become a DNA specialist when we were younger while I wanted to become a mom. You were getting straight A’s while I was getting rides home from parties in the back of cop cars 🙂 You adjusted to life in Boston after a 3,000 mile move while I became a bit rebellious in my teenage years (sorry mom!) Through it all (even that time you cut my hair off under the table when i was baby) we’ve been there for one another. You have always been my protector, my big sister, the person I looked up to and wanted to do right by. The person you have become is only what some people dream to be.

You have always loved easily while it takes me a very long time to give my heart away. I’ve always admired your ability to have such an open heart where as I am very guarded with my love. When I first heard about Alex we didn’t think twice about it. Until we started hearing his name more and more…..There was something about the way you always talked about him that made him seem a bit different. I remember you describing your first date with a huge smile and I think I knew at that moment that Alex was here to stay. It’s been a romance years in the making but you two have grown and changed so much together. How lucky to have found someone that appreciates every little thing about you (even your weird voices that you make).

Ever since you met Alex your smile has been bigger, your laugh just a bit louder and your love intensely stronger. I’m so happy I get to witness you marrying your soul mate today. Alex, I know you already know this but you are truly the luckiest person to have Marissa by your side.

Cheers to you both and may this be the first of many ‘happiest days ever” to start your Journey together as Husband and Wife.








and when you appear all the rivers sound in my body, bells shake the sky, and a hymn fills the world.