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A message to all Business Owners. Thank You

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Hi there. I’m talking to you. Yes you! The small business owner who makes everything around them a priority most days except perhaps themselves. The one who stays up at all hours of the night making sure deadlines get done because let’s face it, it’s just you behind that pretty little brand making sh*t happen. I’m about to get real with you.

Sometimes 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough time to get things done. When you own your business and set your hours sometimes it’s hard to actually get things done. I know it sounds crazy, but I was more efficient with my day when I worked two full-time jobs. I struggle on the daily about what to prioritize. Do I edit all day and make sure galleries get sent out, design albums, answer emails, dedicate an hour or two to growing my social media presence or maybe do the laundry that’s been sitting for ummm weeks!? When do I take time for myself? When do I take care of me?

I’m amidst the busiest part of my season and sometimes after a wedding I literally feel brain dead. My brain hurts. My eyes hurt. Everything just hurtssss. Photographer hangovers are real and after a 12 hour day of travel and being on my feet I am mentally and physically exhausted. Most people see my business and think it flawlessly just happened. I’m here to tell you it’s been almost 6 years of sleepless nights, rough days in my personal life and just non-stop hard work. So if you are in the beginning process of your business or a full-time entrepreneur, I just want to say congrats. Seriously, give yourself a break, take a step back and look at all the hard work you are doing. You have either made the choice to go for your dreams or you are in the process of achieving them.

I think it’s important for people to know the person behind the business. I try to put as much of myself out on there social media because I want people to know me. And I want to know you! But with that comes judgement. When I post about myself I choose to take the good with the bad. The people who become part of my tribe and then the one’s who just don’t get it or don’t want to get it. I want to connect with the people who follow me not only with business and Weddings but with people who can actually understand what I might be going through. I’m here to tell you that we all need to realize that social media is only bits and pieces of reality.

It’s okay to be real. I want real in my life. I relate more to people when I see a post that’s not always positive. We are all going through some type of struggle. It’s nice to know we are not alone in this.

If you want to know the real me here it is. I work alone pretty much Monday-Friday. I take my dog on multiple walks a day just to see some human interaction! My weekends consist of work and that’s when my friends go out. I RARELY and I mean rarely get out of my yoga pants. I eat pretty much the same breakfast every day, not because it’s convenient but because once I like something I stick with it. Do I fear being judged? Hell yeah! Do I want people to know the real me? Yes!

I love to cook. I will cook for anyone who is willing to eat my crazy creations. I also love to make unhealthy things healthy. I don’t follow recipes and sometimes that goes horribly wrong. I’m real. Sometimes too real and I will get that thrown back in my face by friends and realize I can be a little softer in my delivery. I struggle with insecurities like anyone else yet work on myself every single day. I’m happy and I’m sad sometimes. I cry over parts of my life that need change but often put on a strong front. I am broken yet parts of me are complete. I’m grateful and I’m optimistic yet sometimes I can be a real pessimist. Sometimes I laugh when I’m angry and sometimes I cry when I’m truly happy. I am weird in a good way I think…. I rarely say my dogs actual name but will call her Bubba on the regular. If Frank Sinatra comes on get ready to be embarrassed because I will dance and dance so hard. I live an 80/20 lifestyle so while 80% of me goes to the gym, eats healthfully and is really active the other 20% of me needs that happy medium of burgers, pizza, and donuts. I’m 30 years old and I still haven’t graduated out of wanting dominos pizza over anything gourmet.


So I guess what I want to say is thank you. Those that continue to follow my journey and relate to me on so much more than a business level it really means the world to me. You make owning a business and all the hard stuff worth it. Thank you to those who like knowing the real me and grow and share their own stories with me. Thank you for being able to relate, thank you for showing your true selves and thank you for letting me just be me.








and when you appear all the rivers sound in my body, bells shake the sky, and a hymn fills the world.